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all the tech & talent 
without the headaches

Trimmr is here to help cannabis cultivators elevate their game by accessing the local resources needed to compete and profit in a crowded market.

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HR & PaYroll

When you hire a Trimmr team, you’re not just getting highly skilled, knowledgeable labor, you’re getting the recruiting, scheduling, payroll and HR services that you would have had
to pay for and do yourself. 

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Trimmr PLant

Onsite Trimming AUTOMATION 

The most advanced trimming machines in the cannabis industry, rolling in tandem configuration, with automated infeed and outfeed conveyors, and hands on quality assurance.


It's specifically built for discerning cultivators who aren’t willing to sacrifice quality for speed or efficiency.  Wet or dry trim, our automation line delivers an efficient high quality trim with minimal waste, maximum THC and proven terpine preservation.

Trimmr workforce is trained on our industry best practice based work process.  We've embedded our work system in an app to help encourage process compliance while also capturing important data.

Work Systems

The Trimmr Plant uses an outfeed conveyor belts to enable humans with scissors to perform quality assurance.  Cultivators can choose how much labor to employ, with room for four people or more on the outfeed conveyor line.

Outfeed QA

The Trimmr Plant is designed for  maximum energy efficiency and noise mitigation.  All basic functions of the trailer (HVAC, lighting, cameras, internet, etc.) are powered by battery system and solar generation. 

Energy Efficient

Multi-angle interior and exterior camera systems enable both recorded footage as well as real-time monitoring through our  integrated satellite internet data  connection.

High Security

We leverage a mobile design to deliver automation infrastructure to cultivators when it's needed and only for as long as it's needed.  That allows us to offer  cultivators the benefits of scale without the high costs and headaches of ownership.

Onsite & On Time

Trimmr has partnered with Mobius to deliver the best trimming technology available.  Two Mobius M108S units running in tandem to deliver the best machine trim money can buy; whether wet, dry, or anywhere in between.  

State of thE Art

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before & after

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Systems Driven

Software Enabled

The Trimmr platform is designed to simplify management of the post-harvest process, while creating a compliant record of the engagement and actionable data insights.

  • Resource Scheduling

  • Workforce Mgmt / Time Cards

  • Trimmr Process Management

  • Quality Assurance & Data Capture

Human Powered

Trimmr has the best tools and systems, but it's people who make it all effective.

Our post-harvest specialist leads a structured engagement.  And we ensure that everyone hired from the Trimmr Workforce has been trained to do the job you hire them for.

Consistent Delivery

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Initial Site Survey:
Crop Review & Quote

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Your Post-Harvest Specialist meets you face to face to review your planned crop, discuss desired outcomes, and present options and clear pricing.


Second Site Survey:
Pre-Harvest Confirmation

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As harvest approaches, we’ll review and finalize your post-harvest plan.  Finalize your order detailing the workforce and automation resources and schedule.


Third Site Survey:
Post-Harvest Prep

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After the chop, we'll confirm your crop and plan, including resources and schedule.  Estimated costs will be confirmed and committed.  Deposit payment scheduled.


Plan Execution:
Minimal Processing

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Automation resources and Trimmr certified workforce will come to your location,  execute your post-harvest plan, and capture the execution in our software system.


Post-Harvest Review:
Reports & Insights

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Following every engagement, Trimmr will provide detailed shift reports with chain of custody, quality assurance, efficiency, and compliance data.  Billing balances settled.


From software embedded process, to skilled labor, to state of the art mobile automation, we have everything cultivators need to take the pain out of post-harvest.

support for your operation

Trimming solutions
to Suit your Goals


Our Trimmr Plant comes onsite to your location and trims 60-260 Lbs of flower per hour (crop and process dependent).

The best machine-trim that money can buy, followed by hands-on quality assurance

Cultivators save up to 90% of the time and up to 75% of the cost compared to full hand-trim.


Full Hand-trim:

Hand-trimming can ensure artisanal aesthetics if done well, but its also the most expensive way to trim. 

Trimmr helps you source and schedule the skilled labor you need...if you must fully hand-trim.

Cultivators save time, hassle, and headaches, but we don't make labor cheaper or faster.

Premium Efficiency

The efficiency of automation plus additional hand-trimming labor to dial in the precision and quality to a higher standard.

Trimmr delivers the system, machines, and people you need to achieve your goals. 

Cultivators still save significant time and cost compared to full hand-trim.

Image by Chris Ensminger
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Access Local Resources

Trimmr coordinates and schedules the labor and automation resources needed to execute harvest and post-harvest according to plan.

Gain Insights

Our software captures critical data about your post-harvest that provides insights to help you maximize the full value of your business. 

Strengthen Community

Trimmr is building local infrastructure that empowers workers and small business owners with the best tools and systems available in the industry.

Partners in Post-Harvest

Get a Quote

Each cultivator and each harvest presents a different opportunity and a different challenge.  Contact us to talk about your post harvest and request a quote.

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