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Image by Jeffrey Blum

Helping Cannabis Cultivators Set a Higher Standard

Cannabis is experiencing some Growing Pains

It’s a new industry taking shape in the heart of New York State — born from rich agrarian history and legacy as a birthplace of America’s cannabis culture. From Woodstock to Washington Square Park, the arrival of this movement brings with it the promise of new jobs, wealth creation, and long sought social reforms. 

The hopes of many rest on the successful implementation of a just and equitable cannabis industry in New York State. We are proud to play a vital role in its development. 

We’re Trimmr, the post harvest professionals in New York State, and we’re partnering with cultivators to help them succeed by reducing risks, improving quality, and accelerating minimal processing cycles. 

Trimmr takes the guesswork out of the riskiest and most painful parts of every growers production cycle.   We help cultivators achieve world class post harvest outcomes using skilled local labor - and leveraging onsite-mobile automation, proven business systems, and data insights.

And perhaps most importantly, Trimmr is a local organization, woven into the communities that we serve. We’re helping to fill vital jobs and provide opportunities and career paths for those looking to enter this fledgling and vibrant industry. 


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